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I usually make my buy and sell decisions based solely on fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is critical for long-term investing in shares. There is, however, a whole separate world of technical analysis. For short-term trading, technical analysis is essential, especially for commodities and currency.

Technical analysis is extremely complicated, particularly understanding what the data actually means. I recently happened upon a fantastic free website that gives you an instant and highly detailed, technical overview.

SwingTradeBot is so quick and easy to use. You literally enter the ticker symbol of a share and hit enter. You get a long page of results including short-term, intermediate-term and long-term trends. A relative strength rating, technical signals and a graph. You get a company profile, recent news and a great table of buy/sell/hold signals.

All of the information is well laid out and clear and it’s not just data, it’s usable conclusions. You still need to select potential shares through fundamental analysis but SwingTradeBot is a great way of getting a technical opinion. With such helpful information, so easy to obtain, it would be foolish not to run your shortlist through SwingTradeBot. It’s also useful when you’re reviewing your current holdings.

Below are a few screenshots to give you an idea of the information presented.


SwingTradeBot Screen Grab 01


SwingTradeBot Screen Grab 02


SwingTradeBot Screen Grab 03


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