Passive Money Makers

There are a growing number of ways to earn a small passive income with very little effort. Please find below a few that I use.

Airtime Rewards (Apple iOS & Android)
You can earn cashback at a huge range of retailers, just by registering your payment cards on the Airtime Rewards app. You can then use the cashback against your mobile phone bill. There are download links on the Airtime Rewards website and if you enter my referral code 3LMNFPK7 you can get up to £1.50 free to get started.

Brave Browser (Android, Windows & Mac OS)
You can earn the crypto token BAT (Basic Attention Token) just by allowing the occasional pop-up advert using Brave Browser. You can even choose how many adverts you are willing to see per hour, obviously the more you allow the more BAT you earn. BAT can be exchanged for cash once you hit 25 BAT or you can keep it and let it grow. Brave Browser is built on Google Chrome but with better privacy and faster. Earnings will depend on your browser usage but you can probably earn at least 5 BAT per month worth 99p each as of 6th May 2021, that’s £59.40 per year. You can download Brave Browser using this link Brave and you don’t need an invitation.

Honeygain (Apple iOS, Android, Windows & Mac OS)
You can make money by sharing your internet connection. You earn in US dollars which can then be transferred into your PayPal account when you hit $20. You can do this on your computer and mobile devices but I would recommend that you only use it on a mobile when you are connected to WiFi unless you have an unlimited data plan. Also, on iPhone, it will only work in the foreground which is a pain. Earnings will vary according to demand in your area but you can realistically earn at least 20p per day, £73.00 per year on one computer. You can download using this link Honeygain.

TopCashBack (Apple iOS, Android & Windows & Mac Browsers)
You can earn cashback on your online purchases at thousands of places. You just go through the TopCashBack app or website to visit the site and you automatically get cashback paid into your account. Obviously, the cashback amount will depend on what you buy and how much you spend but it certainly has the potential of earning over a hundred pounds per year. You can sign up with my referral link TopCashBack.

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