Funds Bought & Sold

Funds Bought & Sold

Details of my transactions in funds
Profit/Loss % excludes any dividends received
CodeNameDate BoughtDate SoldProfit/Loss %
ISFiShares FTSE 100 ETFRegular
VMIDVanguard FTSE 250 ETFRegular
CRPSiShares Global Corporate Bond ETFRegular
ISXFiShares Global Corp Ex-Fin Bond ETFRegular
SLXXiShares Core Corp Bond ETFRegular
GB00BJT0KR04Artemis High Income FundRegular
IE00BJBQC361Royal London Extra Yield Bond FundRegular
GB00BHZ7N946Morgan Stanley Corp Bond Fund
GB00BBGBFM09Fidelity MoneyBuilder Bond Fund2019 12 012019 12 31+0.10%
GB00BLG2W994Newton Global Income Fund2018 10 012019 06 03+3.59%
GB00BD3GHQ03Royal London Corporate Bond2018 05 052019 06 03+4.81%
SWDAiShares Core MSCI World2018 02 062020 01 02+14.75%
EMIMiShares MSCI Emerging Markets2018 02 062020 01 02+6.46%
GB00BHZ7N839Morgan Stanley Sterling Corporate Bond2018 01 102019 06 03+3.68%
IE00BJBQC361Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond2018 01 102019 06 12-0.71%
GB00BLG2W994Newton Global Income2017 08 222017 10 06+1.04%
IE00BJSPMJ28Lindsell Train Global Equity OEIC2017 05 152020 01 17+3.75
GB00B5STJW84Jupiter European2017 05 122017 08 22+7.90%
GB0006010168Baillie Gifford Managed2017 05 122017 08 22+3.53%
IE00BJBQC361Royal London Sterling Extra Yld2017 05 112017 10 03+1.20%
GB00B7NB1W76Baring Europe Select2017 05 112017 09 08+5.29%
GB00BNY7YK59TM Sanditon European2017 05 102017 09 08+5.30%
GB00BD08NQ14Jupiter India2017 05 082017 10 27+0.41%
GB00B8BC5H23Threadneedle European Select2017 05 082017 09 08+6.32%
GB00BTJRQ064FP CRUX European Special Sit2017 05 082017 09 08+6.56%
ISPY ETFETF Sol Cyber Security2017 04 112017 10 06+1.47%
RBTX ETFiShares Automation & Robo2017 04 112017 08 18+8.97%
ROBG ETFETF Sol Global Robotics2017 03 272017 08 18+9.20%
VUSA ETFVanguard S&P 5002016 09 132017 08 04+15.61%
VWRL ETFVanguard All-World2016 09 012017 08 18+14.91%
VGOV ETFVanguard UK Gilt2016 09 012019 06 03-3.10%
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Shares Bought & Sold

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  • Michael Auton
    16/01/2018 16:07

    Hi Sean, Thanks for posting your trades. Interesting as I see funds as long term holds several years … but you tend to trade funds within months.

    I have some funds which I bought in May 2017 – and are currently 11% return. What is your feeling on being active in investigating funds and buying into them short term – rather than stocks specifically ?

    Looking at my 11%, I am questioning myself if I should sell and move into another fund – to take the gained profits, or think much longer term and continue to hold.

    • Hi Michael, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to my recent fund transactions, I’ve had a lot of spare cash and I’ve been playing around really or should I claim that as researching? Funds are normally much better long term but I only view them as a risk limiter really. Long term I only plan on holding some cheap global tracker ETFs and a few corporate bond funds.

      • Hi Sean great site. I drip feed monthly into 10 funds. I’v got a horizon of 22 years. I’m constantly thinking about just having a few trackers instead but worry about trackers all being quite high at the moment so thinking fund managers may provide some protection in downturn. I invest through Hargreaves Lansdown. Also have a company pension 50/50 US and European trackers. What do you think.

        • Hi David, thanks for the compliment and message. I share your concerns that certain markets might be overpriced at the moment. You appear to have fairly good diversity and a long enough horizon so I don’t see your plan as a big issue. The only thing I would suggest you consider is the fees. Hargreaves Lansdown fees are capped per year for ETFs (£45 ISA & £200 SIPP) whereas funds are not. So if you had £100k invested in funds you would be paying £450 per year in platform fees as opposed to £45 or £200. Fees cap out at £9,999 invested in the ISA and £44,444 in the SIPP so everything above that doesn’t cost any extra. One possible strategy is to build up your investment amount by drip feeding into funds because you don’t have the commission charge and then when you have a large amount, switch it to an ETF. That way you only have one commision charge and you can enter the ETF tracker after a market correction or crash.

  • thanks. Although during a crash im assuming trackers will fall as well, probably further than actively managed funds….in theory anyway

    • Hi David, it really depends what fund, they could do better, worse or roughly the same. It also depends on the nature and the region of the crash. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, however the more diversified you are, the safer you are in theory. That would suggest that a global tracker is the safest.


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